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QPARTS Guitar Parts Qparts Chrome Ringo Black Pearl Knob Qparts Chrome Ringo Black Pearl 230x230 Qparts Chrome Ringo Black Pearl Knob.. Product #: 1234567 | BIN 14 Stars 0 based on 0 reviews Regular price: £6.95 £6.95 1

Qparts Chrome Ringo Black Pearl Knob

Qparts Chrome Ringo Black Pearl Knob

Product Code: 1234567 | BIN 14
Availability: 1
Weight: 0.04kg
Dimensions: 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm


Qparts Chrome Ringo Black Pearl Knob. The Ringo is a completely new design unlike anything on the market today. We first noticed that the high-end guitars costing over $3000 carried the same plastic knobs as the cheaper guitars selling under $300. This was because nothing else was immediately available.

Knobs haven’t been redesigned in over 50 years ago and we felt it was about time for something new. But that "something" had to have a "classic" quality to it. It needed a blend of art with functionality still intact. After many months of research, we came up with the final concept of three smooth rings gradually tapered and we called it the "Ringo". Judge for yourself.

The Ringo has that "classic" art deco style and looks great on Gibsons and on contemporary guitars like the Ibanez and PRS.

▶ Standard size - designed to retrofit all imported and USA-made electric and bass guitars
▶ 15 mm (0.6 inches) Inlay
▶ Comes with an Allen wrench

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