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GRAPH TECH Guitar Parts

Graph Tech makes high performance guitar components including saddles and nuts for the discerning musician. From finger pickers to shredders, some of the world's best-known musicians have come to rely on Graph Tech components for their tone, performance, and creative expression.

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Graph Tech PE-0180-00 UP/DOWN Switch

The PE-0180-00 is an optional control for the Hexpander MIDI Interface. This switch allows you to scroll up and down through your MIDI converter's sounds. It's the same as what some converters call an S1/S2 switch.

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Graph Tech PE-0181-00 MIDi Volume Pot

The PE-0181-00 is an optional control for the Hexpander MIDI Interface, this volume pot allows you to adjust your MIDI converter's volume without taking your hands off your guitar or bass.

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Graph Tech PE-0440-00 Hexpander MIDI Interface

The PE-0440-00 is our basic Hexpander Preamp Kit. It has all the components (excluding pickups) that you need to add MIDI capabilities to your guitar or bass.

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Graph Tech PQ-1400-00 5 String Bass Nut

Graph Tech PQ-1400-00 is a great option to upgrade the nut on your 5 string bass. It is pre-slotted to make for an easy install.

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GraphTech Black TUSQ PT-3000-00 Jumbo Blank Nut

The PT-3000-00 is a great option to replace and upgrade the nut on almost any guitar or bass. This nut is not slotted.

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