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Graph Tech Guitar Parts GRAPH TECH PN-0080-B0 LB63 GHOST FLOYD ROSE TREMOLO Pn 0080 80 Graph Tech Lb63 Floyd Rose Tremolo With Ghost Pickps 230x230 Graph Tech PN-0080-B0 LB63 Ghost loaded Floyd Rose Tremolo.. Product #: PN-0080-B0 | BIN 7 Stars 0 based on 0 reviews Regular price: £159.00 £159.00 Out Of Stock

Graph Tech PN-0080-B0 LB63 Ghost loaded Floyd Rose Tremolo

Graph Tech PN-0080-B0 LB63 Ghost loaded Floyd Rose Tremolo

Product Code: PN-0080-B0 | BIN 7
Availability: Out Of Stock
Weight: 1.20kg
Dimensions: 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm


PN-0080-B0 Ghost loaded LB63 Floyd Rose Style Locking Bridge. The PN-0080-B0 is a drop-in, ghost loaded replacement for a Floyd Rose Original and Licensed bridge in black. It comes loaded with ghost acoustic pickups encased in our own String Saver pickup inserts, loaded into metal saddles. Package contents:

  • Complete LB63 bridge_
  • Tremolo Arm
  • Bridge Post & Bushings
  • Spring Claw & Mounting Screws
  • Claw Springs
  • Allen Keys for Adjustment

Color: Black

Bridge Specifications available at Graph Tech

Be the band with the ghost modular pickup system.  Get studio quality acoustic tone or MIDI compatible output at the flick of a switch.  Finally an affordable, modular pickup system in an easy to install package


Imagine a rich, authentic acoustic guitar tone coming from your electric guitar - at the flick of the switch!  Replace your current saddles with Graph Tech's ghost modular pickups and one of our Acousti-Phonic preamp and you'll have instant access to true, acoustic tone from your electric guitar or bass, without altering your electric pickups.  With the ghost Acousti-Phonic system you can play one guitar!  It can be electric AND acoustic, separately, or blended together for an infinite range of new and exciting sounds. 

[Video] Graph Tech ghost Acoustic MIDI System - Guitar World



The ghost Hexpander MIDI interface system adds MIDI capability to almost any guitar or bass.  Plug your guitar into pitch-to-MIDI converters by Roland or Axon and enter the MIDI sound universe.  The Hexpander MIDI interface provides responsive and accurate tracking unequaled be any other system on the market today.  Check out how affordable and easy it can be to make MIDI part of your music making.



"Because it's installed in my favorite guitar, there is no compromise in playability but I get all of the flexibility of MIDI>  This is the perfect situation because I don't need to switch between a "real guitar" and a MIDI guitar.  I can layer the pick up sound with the MIDI sounds, or just do one at a time.  The piezo pick up is an added bonus--with one guitar I can enter MIDI, add electric guitar AND acoustic sounds.  I'm really looking forward to the possibilities this new system could inspire!"  James Valentine, Guitarist, Maroon 5

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