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SOLD: ARIA Pro II TSB-400 "Thor Sound" Bass

SOLD: ARIA Pro II TSB-400 "Thor Sound" Bass


Vintage Made in Japan Matsumoku Aria Pro II TSB 400 "Thor Sound" electric bass guitar


This gorgeous ARIA Pro II "Thor Sound" TSB-400 bass guitar was made in Japan at the historic Matsumoku factory in 1980. According to the serial number, it's the 70th bass guitar made in 1980. I'm not a bass player but I have tried it and it has an enormous range in tone and feels and sounds like a few thousand £££ of vintage Fender rather than a bass costing just a few hundred pounds!!

Read enough!! You can buy it here now!!

Other players seem to like this bass, here's what I gleened from the iternet "The Aria Pro II TSB-400 was the higher end of the Thor Sound models, this has two pickups which are massive split coils and this puts out a tremendous low end because of the P bass body design and rosewood fretboard, but you still can roll over the high end and get a lot of snap out of this bass".

The frets are in great shape and all of the electronics work and have been cleaned out. Cosmetically this is a great looking bass guitar, heavy but nonetheless, gorgeous to look at, hold and play. Of course there is some wear and tear and there's a small ding to the lower bout, just below the volume / tone controls on the edge.  I have shown this in the images supplied plus you can see how light the wear is across the instrument as a whole. While there are some dings and surface scratches it's absolutely nothing for a bass instrument that has been played and loved across 4 decades. 

So if you are a serious Japanese collector and want a very nice all original thumper here it is. If you have any questions at all please ask. Offers welcome but don't try to low-ball me, I'll leave it on the wall as a beautiful ornament rather then give it away!!

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Customer Project | Custom Tele with Schaller 475 6-String Bridge

Customer Project | Custom Tele with Schaller 475 6-String Bridge

This beautiful custom telecaster utilises the Schaller 475 six-string guitar bridge which we were able to supply to Thomas Brienza for inclusion in this stunning guitar project. Based high in the mountains at Black Hawk in Colorado it was no mean achievement getting the bridge to him in just 6 days from being shipped here in the UK. An amazing effort by both Royal Mail and US Post services.

The Schaller 475 combined guitar bridge and tail-piece unit features low friction rollers for each string and is adjustable in width from 2" to 2-3/16" (51mm to 55.5mm). These rollers are also individually adjustable for string height and intonation. The strings anchor at the back of this bridge. The eccentric screw on the right side is used to lock all the saddles tight once adjustments are completed.

With regards the other specifications for the guitar, Tom used the best materials he could find including a one piece body in Alder, birdseye maple neck and a quilted maple fretboard. The drop top is made from Figured Granadillo and the pick guard is in a poplar burl veneer. The overall finish is achived by using an oil all hand rubbed. For the pickups Tom chose Brandwound custom wide range humbuckers made with threaded Alnico 2 and 5 magnets. The pots are CTS 500k with Russian paper in oil capacitors. Pickup selection is through a Switch Craft three way switch. The other hardware parts include Hipshot classic open tuners and Curt Mangan 10.5-52 fusion matched strings.

Tom tells us that this stunning guitar plays like a dream. We tend to believe him.



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JUST REDUCED - Schaller 3D 5-String Bass Guitar Bridge

JUST REDUCED - Schaller 3D 5-String Bass Guitar Bridge

Schaller 3D-5 patented 5-String Bass Guitar Bridge. The roller bridge saddles reliably minimize string breakage while maintaining intonation and tuning stability.

  • 3-dimensional adjustment of string height, intonation and string spacing (with roller bridge saddles).
  • The individual string intonation is set by adjusting the string saddles.
  • Heavy and precise construction for extra long sustain.
  • The guitar or bass strings lie on low-friction roller saddles which prevent the strings from breaking.
  • This means the string spacing can be adjusted flexibly.
  • Support: Reels
  • Surface: Black Chrome
  • Weight g/item: 278

All bridges are supplied with a 3mm baseplate and screws as standard.

Price  down from £75.95 to just  £59.95 - buy it here


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PRO-G Cooper Portable Guitar Stand at an AMAZING Price

PRO-G Cooper Portable Guitar Stand at an AMAZING Price

Pro-G Cooper securely supports acoustic, electric or bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin and more. Designed to meet the needs of the Nashville songwriter, or solo acoustic performer, it has quickly become a valued accessory to guitar players and collectors at all levels world wide. Fabricated from African Sapele, it’s highly stable classy design enhances the professionalism of the performer, then neatly packs away in most guitar cases or gig bag.

  • Inert silicon pads at contact points
  • Closed cell neoprene padding at exposed areas
  • Hard neoprene in thin line areas
  • African Sapele construction
  • Stainless hinge with non-slip pins
  • Two-position brace
  • Comes n black velveteen bag

Measures 8 3/4"  x  4 1/2" x 1 1/2"

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DR Ducks Ax Wax - The Secret Everyone Knows

If you are searching for the optimum way to keep your guitar, bass guitar or any other type of fretted stringed instrument in perfect shape, look no further. Dr Ducks Ax Wax is the secret product that everyone seems to know about except you!

The ultimate Organic cleaning-polishing-moisturisng formula for all guitars and other musical instruments. (including brass, woodwinds, strings, etc..)

  • Do the entire instrument (fretboard, headstock, front. sides, back, pickguards).
  • Lubes and restores strings.
  • Increases string life.
  • Used by Professionals Worldwide ...
  • Comes in a generous 4 oz. oval shaped bottle with an applicator flip top cap.
  • Helps prevent fret oxidation.
  • U.S. made with U.S. materials.
  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • Not an aerosol spray - safe for the ozone.
  • Cleans and lubes bridge saddles and fine tuners on locking tremolo systems.
  • Lubes tuning machine knobs and posts and strap locks..
  • Unsurpassed as a raw wood conditioner... (fingerboards, bridges, etc..)
  • A MUST to protect your instrument in all climates - dry or humid.
  • Compliments and enhances the natural beauty of your instrument.
  • This is the safest musical instrument cleaning-polishing-moisturizing formula in the World!! 
  • VERY FRIENDLY to delicate VINTAGE finishes as well as all modern instruments..

B2ap3 Thumbnail Dr Ducks Ax Wa 20200104 110127 1

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