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Schaller Guitar Parts Schaller Fine Tuning Guitar Tailpiece Schaller Fsb Fine Tuning Bridge 230x230 Schaller stop tail piece with additional fine tuners. Allows perfect fine tuning and quick retuning .. Product #: 12070400 BIN Stars 0 based on 0 reviews Regular price: £45.95 £45.95 Out Of Stock

Schaller Fine Tuning Guitar Tailpiece

Schaller Fine Tuning Guitar Tailpiece

Product Code: 12070400 BIN
Availability: Out Of Stock
Weight: 0.25kg
Dimensions: 10.30cm x 2.40cm x 1.20cm


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Stop tailpiece with additional fine tuners. Allows perfect fine tuning and quick re-tuning during play.  This tailpiece is usually built straight, i.e. parallel to the frets, which means it can be sized quickly and easily. NOS, as new but damaged box.

PLEASE NOTE: New Old Stock (NOS). This part might have some marks /small scratches etc but it is brand new. It's just been kicking around for a while. Please note this item is missing height adjustment screws and tee-nuts but you can buy Schaller tee-nut mounts to suit from our store. You'll see them in "Related Parts" and "Other Products You Might Like" which are just below this advert.

When stringing the guitar, please tune it as usual using the machine heads. Loosen the screws on the fine-tuner to the half-way point (or to the 3/4 point). When the guitar has been tuned using the machine heads, they can be more finely adusted as follows: Tightening the screw raises the pitch; loosening it lowers the pitch. When making the initial adjustment, please allow the screws to protrude a little more than necessary (but not far enough to allow them fall out). This means they can be tightened accordingly during playing. If this tightening results in the screws being tightened to the limit, please loosen them again and re-tune the string using the machine heads as usual. Then fine-tune again by tightening the screws once this has been done.

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