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DiMarzio Pickups and Electronics DiMarzio Evolution 7 Bridge Pickup Dimarzio Dp158 Evolution Neck 230x230 DiMarzio Evolution 7 Bridge Guitar Pickup. NORMAL RRP £89.95 - NOW JUST £15.00.. Product #: DP704BK Stars 0 based on 0 reviews Regular price: £89.95 £89.95 Out Of Stock

DiMarzio Evolution 7 Bridge Pickup

DiMarzio Evolution 7 Bridge Pickup

Product Code: DP704BK
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DiMarzio Evolution 7 Bridge Pickup

The basic characteristics of the 6-string Evolution® Bridge model sound like a perfect description for a 7-string lead pickup: power, attack and presence. Combining the basic Evolution® design with Virtual Vintage® technology results in a 7-string pickup possessing crunching lows and intense highs. The output of the Evolution® 7 is concentrated towards the upper mids and treble, so there’s a lot of cutting power, and the low end stays hot and clear.

Making a 7-string version of a pre-existing 6-string pickup is not a simple matter of copying specs. Particularly with a high-output pickup, it's important that the low “B' string doesn't get muddy-sounding. We made the coils on the Evolution® 7 brighter sounding than the 6-string version to make sure this doesn't happen. We then used some of the same technology that went into the Virtual Vintage® design to warm up the sound of the high strings without affecting the low “B”. The bass strings have a lot of clean power and the high strings cut through without sounding thin.

  • Recommended For Bridge position
  • Quick Connect No Wiring
  • 4 Conductor
  • Magnet Ceramic
  • Resistance 14.09 Kohm
  • Year of Introduction 2000
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