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In this section we post stuff that requires some faith from the buyer and for that reason, the prices are stupidly low. Indeed, some stuff might even be free - you just pay reasonable postage!! This is a BRAND NEW category so don't expect lot's of stuff in here today. However, we have a lot of stock which is definately going to find its way in here so you do need to check back regularly or you are going to miss a bargain.

With regards items such as pickups, we will clearly identify whether we are able to measure a DC resistance, this is different from the actual impedence of the pickup of course, but it does show that the pickup windings are OK and not shorted out. Pickups in this section have normally been water damaged so there may be some discolouration or, rust. However, to a lot of you out there a relic might be just what the doctored ordered. 

Buying from this section does not impact on your statutory rights and we offer full returns on items found not to be working.

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CooperStand Wooden Folding Ukulele Stand

Sturdy and elaborate folding Cooper Stand MINI Pro-G wooden stand for mandolin and ukulele. Original design, Features folding support frame arm extensions. Currently only available for uke and mandolin sized bodies.

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Dunlop GCB95 Crybaby Original Wah

SOLD: BRAND NEW, never used Dunlop GCB95 Crybaby Original Wah. One only, special price to clear as I've had it a while. I've seen other shops selling this for £89 so this is your chance to grab a bargain.

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Varnish Brush Flat

High quality Varnish brush, natural bristle with wooden handle, flat
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Fender AG6 Tuner in Clear Blue Finish

The Fender AG6 Guitar & Bass Tuner features input & output jacks, power switch, calibrate switch, LED display, built-in mic, battery check and 9-volt input. Available only in clear blue.

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£9.95  £6.95

Schaller Fine Tuning Guitar Tailpiece

Schaller stop tail piece with additional fine tuners. Allows perfect fine tuning and quick retuning during play.

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DiMarzio Evolution 7 Bridge Pickup

DiMarzio Evolution 7 Bridge Guitar Pickup. NORMAL RRP £89.95 - NOW JUST £15.00

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DiMarzio DP151 PAF Pro Guitar Pickup

DiMarzio DP151 PAF Pro Guitar Pickup. Was £79.95, now just £25.00

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Seymour Duncan SH-6B Distortion Bridge Humbucker Pickup

Our original high output ceramic humbucker, the Seymour Duncan SH-6B Distortion Bridge Humbucker Pickup is perfect for rock and metal players. 

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Aria Pro II TSB-400 "Thor Sound" Bass Guitar

SOLD This gorgeous ARIA Pro II TSB-400 bass guitar was made in Japan at the historic Matsumoku factory from sometime in the 1980's, from the serial number it's probably a 1980 version. I'm not a bass player but I have tried it and it has an enormous range in tone and feels and sounds like a few thousand £££ of vintage Fender rather than a bass costing just a few hundred pounds!!

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