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GOTOH Guitar Parts GOTOH GB70 4 In-line Bass Machineheads Gotoh Gb70 230x230 GOTOH GB70 4 in-line Bass Machineheads with modern Whale Tail Buttons.. Product #: GB70 Stars 0 based on 0 reviews Regular price: £47.95 £47.95 4

GOTOH GB70 4 In-line Bass Machineheads

GOTOH GB70 4 In-line Bass Machineheads

Product Code: GB70
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Weight: 0.45kg
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Gotoh's GB70 Bass machineheads 4 in-line. Sold as a set of 4. Held on with one screw per tuner, the bushes, washers and screws are all included. 20:1 gear ratio.

Using Gotoh's Lubri Coat technology - keeping the lubrication on the internal gearing for the life of the tuning machine heads. Now enhanced with Gotoh's original anti-transformable lubrication oil that reduces friction between the gears resulting an ultra smooth feel, minimal back lash and unrivalled tuning stability.

Featuring rock solid posts - next time you change your strings, before you put on your new set, take a look at your stock tuning machine head posts. See how they move from rock side to side! This has been a problem with tuning machine heads since they were invented. Not with Gotoh tuners that use rock solid post technology to create the most stable tuning post on the market.

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