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100's of parts for Fender and other amplifiers including grille cloth, knobs, switches, lamps, valves. jack sockets and more. This is a NEW SECTION and it will take us time to add every part we have in stock. 

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Fender Skirted Amplifier Knobs

Fender "witches hat" amplifier knobs for various Fender amplifiers.

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£15.95  £12.95

Fender Mono Jack R/A

Fender mono jack socket R/A for various Fender amplifiers.

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Fender Stereo Jack R/A

Fender 0053450000 stereo jack socket R/A for various Fender amplifiers.

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Fender Tilt-back Legs with Mounting Hardware

Large 19" Tilt Back Legs with mounting hardware. If your ears were attached to your knees, your amp would sound better, but since they usually are located on the sides of your head, Fender® has Tilt-back Legs! Secured to the sides of your amp cabinet, these legs allow you to tilt you amp back so you can hear what you're doing!

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Fender Amplifier Corner (Single)

Fender Amplifier Corner (Single item) with 3 fixing tabs and no lip. Screws not provided.

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