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Kinsman Wooden Folding Guitar Stand

Sturdy and elaborate folding Kinsman wooden guitar stand. Features foam padded cradle arms and metal body support frame arm extensions, with stabilising fold-out wooden feet. Available in acoustic and electric versions.

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CooperStand Wooden Folding Ukulele Stand

Sturdy and elaborate folding Cooper Stand MINI Pro-G wooden stand for mandolin and ukulele. Original design, Features folding support frame arm extensions. Currently only available for uke and mandolin sized bodies.

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Dr Duck's Ax Wax is the ultimate all in one cleaning solution for your guitar. It'll clean and protect your whole guitar and it'll even lubricate and enhance your string life.

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GHS Guitar Gloss

GHS Guitar Gloss shines and protects all types of guitars. Try it once and you'll be convinced its one of the best guitar polishes on the market today. No waxy buildup, made in the USA.

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Kinsman KAV9 9v DC 500mA PSU

Kinsman KAV9 9v FX stomp box PSU. ROHS. Universal 9v psu with 5.5mm dia output jack useful for many floor mounted stomp boxes.

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SHUBB C1 CAPO for Steel Strung Acoustic & Electric guitars

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KYSER Banjo/Mandolin Capo

KYSER Banjo/Mandolin Capo. The Kyser Capo for banjo or mandolin is a smaller version of the standard Kyser Quick-Change Capo

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Comfort Fit Foam Ear Plugs

Planet Waves Comfort Fit Foam Ear Plugs. Pack of 2. Flesh coloured

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Planet Waves Ebony Bridge and End Pin Set

Planet Waves PWPS3 Ebony Bridge & Endpin Set, Set incl. 7 Bridge Pins and 1 End Pin, Ebony with geniune pearl inlay

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