Seymour Duncan Seymour Duncan SSL-5 Staggered Single Coil Pickup Seymour Duncan SSL-5 Staggered Single Coil Pickup.. Regular wound for Bridge and Neck positions... Product #: SSL-5 BIN3 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $39.95 $39.95 1
Brand: Seymour Duncan
Product Code: SSL-5 BIN3
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Dimensions: 6.70cm x 1.70cm x 1.60cm



Seymour Duncan SSL-5 Staggered Single Coil Pickup. Overwound Stratocaster single coils, the SSL-5 will deliver bigger, fatter chords, and will cut through the mix more clearly than any traditional singe coil pickups, but without losing the sparkle that makes a Strat sound so unique. Single notes will be bold and loud, and your solos will really sing. These bobbins are hand built with Forbon, dipped in lacquer then wound and wax potted for squeal free performance. We use modern oval Forbon flatwork (non-triangular) which enables this pickup to fit into any guitar that is routed for single coils.

Though it looks like the SSL-1 and has that distinct vintage tone, the SSL-5's over-wound coil yields higher output, more sustain and great harmonics. The result is a pickup that rocks hard and cuts through the mix, but cleans up nicely when you back off the volume. Includes white cover. Many players use an SSL-5 in the bridge position with vintage output pickups, like SSL-1's, in the neck and middle for tonal versatility. Perfect for Texas blues rock, classic rock and heavy rock.

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